Deaf Awareness Workshops

Good, clear communication is a vital part of everyday life. But what happens when you meet a person who is Deaf or has hearing loss? Would you be able to understand them or make yourself understood?

In the UK, one in six people have some degree of hearing loss ranging from profound deafness to others who identify as Hard of Hearing. That’s roughly 11 million people who may well face communication barriers. Not being able to communicate easily leads to feelings of loneliness and frustration. We believe that it is important to not only be ‘Deaf Aware’ but also ‘Deaf Confident’.

Our Deaf Awareness workshops have been created specially to benefit either your organisation, or the various individuals who attend our courses. Our goal is that the next time you meet a Deaf person, either at work or socially – you will have the confidence to chat and be more inclusive – Doesn’t that make the world a slightly more ‘equal’ and better place?

Additionally, being Deaf Aware shows good business practice – making effective communication accessible for all and making the way possible for skilled professionals who are Deaf to benefit your organisation.

Our workshops are run as half day courses (lasting three hours) or a full day course (six hours). At the end of the session participants receive an attendance certificate (company certificates can also be issued).

Please email us at hello@insignlanguage.co.uk for more information and costs.

Let’s get Deaf Aware together!